SilverStorm Foam Seat

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SILVERSTORM - Closed Cell Foam Sea Kayak Seat


Sea kayakers often spend many hours in their boats.  That's just the nature of the sport we choose! Because we're sitting in our boats for long periods, it's important that we're as comfortable as we can possibly be.  Discomfort will impinge on paddling performance and endurance...and that can be dangerous at sea!  

The SilverStorm Foam Seat is made from a specially selected closed cell foam which offers the paddler warmth, resiliency and easy customising.  The seat has been cut to give maximum fore/aft length and height to make your paddling trips as comfortable as possible.  By following these simple instructions, this SilverStorm Foam Seat will give you many years of paddling comfort.

Colour: Dark Grey/Charcoal (a bit darker than in the pic)

The two side pieces for your hips are an additional extra.



  1. Peel off the lower layer of velcro from the bottom of the seat and use this shape to mask up the bottom of your cockpit in the desired seat position.
  2. Roughen the surface of the area prior to applying adhesive (Sikaflex is best for composite / fibreglass kayaks)
  3. Apply Sikaflex to the masked up area and allow to cure 24 hours. The masking tape can be removed earlier.
  4. If the seat requires further shaping to fit the seat space (narrow kayaks) or your backside, you can gradually shape the foam using coarse sandpaper.

If you are frequently removing the seat to clean or adjust the position, hold down the edge of the velcro when removing the seat to avoid peeling away the Sikaflex (no adhesive is perfect - particularly on smooth surfaces!).