Mirage 532 - Carbon IRT with Silverstorm seat

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Mirage 532  - Carbon IRT 

Designed for performance, the Mirage 532 combines speed with dependable handling in challenging conditions for a wide range of paddlers.

A complete redesign of the famous 530, the Mirage 532 is a great all-rounder; built for speed and efficiency, while also being sporty and easy to control when manoevering.

Extra volume has been added from behind the seat all the way to the rudder box, enhancing the hull shape to increase stability and allow this kayak to suit a wider range of body types.

Perfect for:

• Medium to large sized paddlers, from beginner through to advanced paddling skills

• Fitness paddling and day touring to multiday touring in more confined bodies of water e.g. lakes, estuaries, to coastal environments

What's New:

• The 532 has had a complete hull and deck redesign for a more modern look and refined performance.

• The 532 features an increase in hull volume from the rear seat through to the rudder box; this allows for the following:

* The kayak plains flatter when you are up to speed, thus making the 532 a faster and smoother kayak than the 530

* The 532 allows for an increase in ideal paddler weight - about the 80-90kg area

• The 532 has the 'shallow V' carried back further to increase the initial stability and make the kayak less twitchy.

• The 532 has Kajak Sport hatches - front, day and rear.

Mirage 532 Features:

• Unique Mirage pedal and integrated rudder system which improves propulsion and offers superior directional control

• Three high volume dry storage compartments with easy access snap lid hatches – great seaworthiness and good storage capacity including convenient day hatch - These hatches are made by Kajak Sport Finland.

• Full safety perimeter line, grab handles and functional elastic deck rigging

• Contoured, supportive, SILVERSTORM seat

• Solid footrest platform, enhances paddler performance

• Component upgrade compatible - look at our Outfitting section to find out how you can customise your kayak.

The 'Ultra Light' 532 Sport is constructed with a combination of a Kevlar skin and a thin layer of Soric that is sandwiched in between. We then use IRT to provide incredible strength and rigidity, with optimum weight.


Length: 5.3m
Beam: 56cm

Weight: (all weights are based on an average weight)
Fibreglass = 23kg
Kevlar = 21kg
Kevlar IRT = 17kg
Feather Light IRT = 15.9
Carbon/Innegra (no clear) = 16.5
Carbon/Innegra (w/clear) = 16.5

Rear Hatch: 70L
Front Hatch: 50L
Day Hatch: 25L