Kajak Sport 20cm Round Hatch and Rim

Kajak Sport (Finland)
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Kajak Sport 20 cm Round click-On Rubber Hatch and Rim

The click-on cover is a light and vigorous kayak hatch cover which is made by combining two different materials together. The rigid centre part reaches to top of the hatch rim and secures that the cover can’t be pushed inside due to force of a wave. Soft edge seals and attaches properly to the hatch rim and gives good watertight contact between the cover and the rim. Stylish click-on cover is waterproof and extremely easy to use.

Weight: 182g
Width: 215mm
Height: 28mm



This hatch fits the following MIRAGE

532 - Day Hatch and Front Hatch

582 / 582 X  - Day Hatch ONLY

732 - Day Hatch ONLY

600 - Day Hatch ONLY